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The Fluke® Leak Detector Flashlight is designed to help you detect leaks quite easily.This special flashlight has extra features and will be perfect for HVAC technicians as it helps to quickly detect refrigerant leaks. You can use the unique UV light to find the area of the refrigerant leak. You can then switch to laser pointer mode to find the precise spot.

The flashlight features four different working modes including a regular flashlight mode, a UV light, Laser light, and UV/Laser combination mode. This flashlight is quite handy and comes with a detachable chain carabiner to help you conveniently carry it around at all times.

Key Features of the Fluke Leak Detector Flashlight:

  • Can help you detect refrigerant leaks quickly with a UV light and laser pointer to pinpoint the exact origin of the leak
  • Bright flashlight can penetrate even dark areas to pinpoint the affected area clearly
  • 6 White UV LEDs with 100,000 hours life are used to detect leak detection dyes
  • Operating temperature of 0°C to 50°C
  • Four operating modes: Flashlight, UV light, Laser light, UV/laser light combination
  • Comes with a detachable key chain carabiner and AAA battery for your convenience

How to use the Fluke Leak Detector Flashlight:

  • Press once to activate the unit and a trigger press will turn the flashlight on (it will show the last mode selected)
  • Second press will activate a UV/Laser Combination mode, and a trigger press will turn on both the lights
  • Third trigger press will activate UV light mode
  • Fourth press will activate the next mode, and a trigger press will turn the Laser light on
  • Fifth press will switch the unit back to the original Flashlight mode
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