Equalizer® EasyPunch™ - AEP1132

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  • When removing door glasses that are held in place by pop rivets you must drill the rivets out. Before you can drill the rivets out however, you need to remove the rivet stems.
  • EasyPunch™ makes that task fast and easy by delivering metal-to-metal-to-metal contact with no hammer.
  • The stem is removed by the hammering device inside the EasyPunch™, which is delivered with a simple push on the handle. When depressed 1/2 inch, the spring-loaded punch releases, delivering enough force on the rivet stem that it begins to back out. After a quick series of punches, the stem is removed and you can begin to drill.
  • EasyPunch™ eliminates the pounding and hammering inside door panels, which can break a door glass or lead to alignment problems when installing.
  • EasyPunch™ is also ideal for removing mouldings secured by rivets, where a slip or miss with a standard punch can lead to body damage.
  • Made in the USA.

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