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DeVilbiss Disposable Paint Cup Lids, 2pk - GFC-404-K2

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Keep paint securely inside the cup with the DeVilbiss Disposable Paint Cup Lids (2). The disposable cup lid is recyclable and is made from recycled polyethylene. The lid has a distinct drip check mechanism to prevent paint from dripping out of the vent in the lid.

To install the lid, place it on top of the cup and push the center of the lid with moderate pressure. This will help in assembling the lid. Fold the vent cap and push onto the center area of the lid. While the lid is designed to be disposable, you could consider cleaning and reusing it in case it gets contaminated with overspray.

To clean the lid, it is recommended that you do not soak it in a solvent for long periods of time. Leaving it dipped for hours could lead to lid sealing issues and leakage. In case the lid has become tight and fails to fit the paint cup, you can leave it to air dry overnight and it will return to its original fit. In case the lid becomes contaminated, it is best to dispose it off and replace with a new one.

Key Features of the DeVilbiss Disposable Paint Cup Lids (2):

  • Disposable Lid Kit for GFC-502 Gravity Cup
  • Made from recycled polyethylene
  • 2 lids
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