DentFix Telescoping Measuring Tram Gauges

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The DentFix Telescoping Measuring Tram Gauges work very well for writing estimates or for spot checking a frame pull quickly. They make a useful addition to any auto body shop. A tram gauge is a tool that consists of pointers and is attached to a lightweight frame. It is marked with a scale that helps check automobile body dimensions. The pointers can be aligned with body dimension reference points to establish the direction and amount of any misalignment of the body.

When you use a tram gauge from DentFix, you can extend out only as much tram as required. Adding sections is not necessary, and the internal tape reads out through a display window. Built by using extruded aluminum sections, these tram gauges are lightweight and yet stay rigid even after you have completely extended them. 

An advantage of using a DentFix Telescoping Measuring Tram Gauge is that you don't need to build a complicated bench measuring system or mount the car on a rack. The long telescoping measuring tram measures 3'6" to 15'4" and the short telescoping measuring tram is 2'6" to 9'2" in size. The DentFix Telescoping Measuring Tram Gauges are affordable, simple to use, and provide accurate readings.

Key Features of the DentFix Telescoping Measuring Tram Gauges:

  • Suitable for writing estimates or for spot checking a frame pull instantly
  • Extend out only the length of tram as necessary
  • Extruded aluminum sections keep the tram gauges lightweight
  • Rigid structure in a fully extended state imparts a sturdy performance
  • Does not require adding up sections since the internal tape reads through a display window
  • No need for a complex bench measuring system
  • Mounting the car on a rack is not necessary

Technical Specifications

  • Long Telescoping Measuring Tram Size: 3'6" to 15'4"
  • Short Telescoping Measuring Tram Size: 2'6" to 9'2"
  • Includes two long pointers - 14" long
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