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Dent Fix Maxi Multiple Pull Resistance Welder - DF-505

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Auto body experts use the Dent Fix Maxi Multiple Pull Resistance Welder DF-505 for mending different car/automobile panels that need pulling or repairing. This high-quality welder uses 220 volts and does not overheat like other 110-volt versions.

A 220-volt plug is not included with the unit; however, most hardware stores carry it. This Dent Fix Maxi dent puller comes with a 21-foot power cable, which you can use to connect to the plug. The versatile tool can be used in many ways, to pull small dents and shrink the stretched metal with minimum ancillary damage to the panels. Stand Sold Separately Here

You can also use this Maxi dent puller for welding a slide hammer to the panel, by using a light pulling rod, and a wiggle wire for pulling out creases. A wiggle wire is a high-strength conductive wire that you can weld into the dent over a series of points. A hook or any other pulling mechanism is then connected to pull along the creases from the panel.

The wiggle wire can then be pulled off the panel, without leaving any holes often associated with older methods. It also gives you the chance to apply heat to specific spots, especially when working on older panels. This heated Dent Fix Maxi 220v dent puller can shrink the metal and restore it to its original shape without using fillers and excessive hammering.

Explore the Lease to Own, monthly payments as low as $25.57 and Refer for a Lease Application to learn more about the purchase/lease procedures.

Technical Specifications

  • Weight: 67.5 lbs
  • Dimensions: 20" x 10" x 14"
  • 5-year warranty
  • Made in USA

The Complete Dent Fix DF-505 Maxi Multiple Pull Resistance Welder Kit Includes:

  • Maxi 220 volt unit
  • (2) Light pull rods
  • (2) Slide hammer rods with weight
  • Pin electrode
  • Shrinking electrode
  • Wiggle wire tip
  • Leverage puller
  • Nine-finger bear claw (a four finger claw is available for a limited time only after you return the warranty card to the factory)
  • 50 stud weld pins
  • 1 pound wiggle wire
  • 21ft power cable
  • 9ft welding cable

NOTE: Due to varying 220 outlets this unit is delivered without 220 plug. 220 volt plugs are available at most hardware stores.

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