3M Intake System Cleaner Kit - 08962

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Restores Fuel Economy, Power & Performance!

  • Great for cleaning fuel injectors, throttle body, intake manifolds, combustion chambers, intake valves
  • A total fuel system cleaner when used in conjunction with 3M Throttle Plate Cleaner 08182 and 3M Fuel System Tank Additive 08813
  • Reduces engine knocks and pings for improved performance
  • Protects against carbon buildup
  • (1) 3M Intake System Cleaner Aerosol 08958
  • (1) 3M Complete Fuel System Cleaner
  • (1) 3M Throttle Plate & Carb Cleaner

This item cannot be shipped to the following US States: CA, DE, MD, NH and UT

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