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3M Factory-Match Seam Sealer, 200 mL - 08323

SKU #3M-08323
• Seals vertical or horizontal seams
• Non-sag formula
• 10 Minute work time
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  • Provides a flexible seam seal over a wide range of temperatures with no shrinking or cracking.
  • Excellent two-part sealer to duplicate OEM beads.
  • The fast setup time allows technicians to continue repair procedures quicker increasing productivity.
  • A high performance two component urethane seam sealer that is black in color.
  • Used to duplicate factory doorskin seams, as well as various other factory seams.
  • Flows slightly and softens on the edges, without tooling, giving a rounded appearance.
  • Can be used with 3M Applicators: 08117, 08571, 09930 and Mix Nozzles: 08193 & 08194

Technical Specifications

  • Color: Black
  • Paint Time: 30 Minutes
  • Work Time: 10 to 15 Minute
  • Dry Time: 30 Minutes
  • Size: 200 mL (6.7 Ounce)

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