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Ingersoll Rand High Temp Air Dryer 35Scfm

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The Ingersoll-Rand DryStar High Temp Refrigerated Air Dryers are specially designed to take in extremely hot compressed air and cool it to a reasonable temperature. Compressed air systems work best when the quality of the air is good; hence a good quality air dryer is essential. It can process compressed air to improve productivity and overall efficiency. It can take in air at temperatures up to 200°F and easily negates the need to have a separate aftercooler, moisture separator, and a filter. This efficient dryer is user-friendly and easy to maintain, thus making your job easier. This proficient air dryer from Ingersoll-Rand is ideal for auto service centers, auto body shops, and certain industrial facilities.

Key Features of the Ingersoll-Rand DryStar High Temp Refrigerated Air Dryers:
  • Unique heat exchanger enables the dryer to take in hot air; it can accept air at up to 200°
  • Has corrosion-resistant heat exchangers and efficient moisture separators that help keep up the steady supply of dry air
  • Uses an inbuilt 3-micron filter to eliminate solid contaminants and condensed oil
  • Can treat compressed air to improve productivity and the efficiency of your compressed air system
  • It can help keep damp air away from your tools and lubricants: can prevent rust and the lubricants from washing away
  • Has an integral stainless steel moisture separation
  • Maximum pressure 232 Max PSI
  • Can help reduce production costs, or incidental costs because of projects damaged by wet air
  • Can be used in places like auto body shops and automobile service centers
  • Easy accessibility makes routine maintenance simple
  • Sophisticated and easier to use than competitive products in the market
  • Has a built in coalescing filter and uses an environmentally friendly refrigerant


  • 8986 (DS25): 25 CFM, .36 Max Absorbed Power KW, 20.9"H x 11.1"W x 23.6"D, 1/2" NPT
  • 8987 (DS35): 35 CFM, .51 Max Absorbed Power KW, 20.9"H x 11.1"W x 23.6"D, 1/2" NPT
  • 8988 (DS50): 50 CFM, .69 Max Absorbed Power KW, 23.8"H x 13.9"W x 27.6"D, 3/4" NPT

Ships by truck freight. Forklift required at time of delivery,If no Forklift is available you can request a liftgate for an additional charge.

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