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PPS Cups, Collars, Lids & Liners

3M PPS paint system supplies are a large part of the 3M brand of automotive aftermarket products. Offering an innovative system for mixing and spraying both solvent-based and waterborne materials during the painting stage of restoration, 3M PPS has long been a trusted favorite among those who want to reduce waste and improve efficiency. 

Because 3M PPS supplies are designed with modern paint technology in mind, they are part of an overarching system that allows you to use less paint, rely on less solvent, and spend less time cleaning your equipment once the job is done. By eliminating your need for traditional mixers, strainers, and storage containers, you can easily switch from one solution to another — and all while working with the exact amount of paint you need.

From spot jobs to full panel repair, we make it easy for you to find the exact type and size of 3M PPS supplies you need, from starter kits to cups, lids and liners.

3M PPS Paint System Options

When you’re painting an entire automobile or are dealing in large quantities of paint, you’ll want to turn to the 3M PPS Large Kit for lids and liners. With a capacity of up to 32 ounces each, you’ll spend less time refilling and more time getting your work done (a similarly-sized set for waterborne paints is also available with the 125 Micron Filter Kit).

For more detailed work, you’ll want to consider the 3M PPS Mini Kit, which allows you to easily reduce waste with liners of up to 6 ounces at a time. Standard sizes also apply for medium-level jobs, and all of it is carried right here at Auto Body Toolmart.

Don’t waste your time, your money, or your paint by working with supplies that don’t take modern technology and techniques into account. By changing the way you approach auto body repair and making it easy to customize your garage, 3M PPS paint system products are an ideal purchase.