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Plasma Cutters

Enjoy a better way to cut through any metal quickly, easily, and with a clean edge. We have a variety of plasma cutters for sale that have the ability to find their way through almost any metal type, even if it’s rusted or painted over. Plasma cutters are also useful in the automotive industry as gouging tools, especially if you need to work on thicker metals to remove welds and rivets.

Mag-Power carries a large range of plasma cutters useful in the automotive industry. The Mag-Power 1/2" Plasma Cutter with NPT40 Plasma Torch offers up to 48 amps of cutting power, while the Mag-Power 115 Volt Plasma Cutter packs a small punch in a more portable option. Other popular options include the "Mean Green Plasma" Cutting Machine and the Mag-Power 230-Volt Plasma Cutter with Torch. All of these machines are among the most reliable and economical plasma cutting machine systems available today, which makes them ideal for use at home or in a garage.

We also supply a wide range of plasma cutter accessories and equipment, making it easier for you to purchase all the supplies you need in one location. Whether you need something as basic as a plasma cutting nozzle or electrode, or if you’re in the market for safety gear like welding helmets or welding tables, you’re sure to find it here.

Plasma Cutting Machine Systems Cut Your Work Time

There’s no easier way to create custom parts or cut your work time in half than by relying on the high-intensity power of heat and plasma. Automotive welding doesn’t have to be complicated or costly, and plasma cutters are an ideal way to get results without a high overhead.

Of course, when you’re working with this kind of equipment, it’s important to make sure you have the right tools for the job. With Auto Body Toolmart’s range of plasma cutters and torch accessories ready to ship out today, you can find exactly what you need and have it sent to you directly from the manufacturer.