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Paint Shakers

Auto Body Paint Shakers - Perfect for Mixing Paint and Primer

Mixing paint, primer, sealers, and other chemicals is not the most fun thing to do or best use of time. Most home centers mix your paint for you so when you get home you can get right to work. Over time chemicals, pigments, and adhesives can separate leaving a product unusable or not consistent. Stirring paints and primers is common place in the DIY market but is not efficient for a commercial shop or business. An electric or pneumatic paint shaker is the best way to mix your materials and get to work. Don’t waste time stirring thick pigments and colors when you can be cleaning and prepping the paint surface or project area. After a few minutes in a quality paint shaker your base coats, primers, clear coats, and other chemicals will be ready to work.

Paint Shakers Help With Consistency and Efficiency

Consistency is king when painting a room, staining a table, or spraying a custom paint job on a car. If you have an inconsistent mix of pigments, adhesives, and solvents, you may end up with a messy finished product. Slight differences in the mix of your products can make a huge difference in vehicle appearance. You may have sprayed the doors and trunk lid with one batch of basecoat and then the next batch looks different. This type of issue is not always easy or cost effective to fix and may lead to an unhappy customer. Don’t let this happen on your jobs and order an air operated, electric, or pneumatic paint shaker from Auto Body Toolmart.

We carry paint shakers from the best manufacturers like Astro, Blair, and Detro. We even carry paint shaker stands and work tables if you need something to rest your new paint shaker on. If you are looking for a new air compressor or paint spray guns to use with your new paint shaker we carry everything you need. For all of your automotive paint, tools, and equipment needs, order from Auto Body Toolmart today.