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Paint Gun Washers

When you run an auto body repair shop with high-quality tools, you want to make sure you’re getting the most use out of your investment — and  automotive paint gun washers are a big part of that. The right paint gun cleaner will reduce paint waste and ensure a cleaner, more effective way to recycle your solvents.

Perhaps even better — a regular, well-maintained pain gun washing system won’t take up a large portion of your day. By tapping into high pressure features, swirl action jets, air flushing, and built-in recyclers, you can handle all of your paint gun cleaning needs in one easy station. Streamline the way you clean your tools and meet all local environmental standards at the same time. Auto Body Toolmart’s large selection of auto body paint gun washers makes it easy.

Paint Gun Washer Brands and Options

Popular automotive paint gun washer brands include options from Astro, Herkules, and Uni-Ram. If you’re looking for a larger-capacity station that is compatible with all types of spray guns, then you may want to consider Herkules, which offers a Deluxe Gun Washer to get the job done.

In the popular Uni-Ram brand, you can choose anything from a basic 2 Gun Washer to the industrial-sized 20 Gallon Solvent Recycler, which can work through 20 gallons in just eight to ten hours. Astro is another outstanding brand, offering simple 12 Piece Spray Gun Cleaning Kits as well as heavy-duty Master Spray Gun Cleaning Kits.

No matter which type of car paint gun cleaning equipment you prefer, you’ll find that Auto Body Toolmart is one of the best places to make your purchase. Our dedicated sales team can match your needs with the perfect tool for the job — and can place your order right away so that it ships directly from the manufacturer as soon as you need it.