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Paint Booth Lights

When you purchase a spray or paint booth, lights are going to be an important part of your setup. Spray booths are the best and fastest way to collect particulate emissions in the air caused when you apply paint and other chemicals. By filtering these particles, you not only improve the air quality and reduce the ecological impact of your materials, but you can also enjoy a better paint finish on the car. Automotive paint booth lights allow you to better see what you’re working on and also offer enhanced safety — an absolute must whenever you’re working with potentially flammable materials.  

The lighting and lamps you choose will optimize your workspace and allow you to better complete your job. Always be sure to select automotive spray booth lights that take the type, color, and size of your booth into consideration, as all of these factors will influence your overall visibility.

Safety in Auto Body Paint Booth Lighting

To keep your garage up to code and meet the standards set out by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), always look for explosion proof paint booth lighting like these LDPI 380 Series Lamps. Because they are manufactured with spray booths and other hazardous areas in mind, you never have to worry about the fumes or chemicals contributing to a fire hazard.

At the same time, they offer a high level of brightness, making them ideal for use in an area where your attention to detail is a must. Whether you’re applying basecoats, clear coats, primer, automotive paint, or even pinstriping, you want to be able to see your work area clearly. Automotive paint booth lights offer brighter, more efficient visibility that gets results. Another great option is our LDPI Slim Light LED Paint Booth Light Fixture, which offers an impressive lifetime and helps save energy.

Note: Paint booths should always be set up and maintained according to the regulations set out by the NFPA. If you ever have any questions about installation or requirements for your specific workspace, check with your local fire or electrical inspector. You could say something like, "If you still aren't sure which paint booth lights would work best for you, check out our informative article on the different types of paint booth lighting.