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Paint Booth Filters

At your auto-body shop, spray and paint booths help you meet EPA and OSHA requirements for safety. No matter where your business is located, it’s your responsibility to keep everything running smoothly and in accordance with federal regulations by changing your auto paint booth filters on a regular, rotating basis. With low-cost ceiling filters and prefilter bags and panels in all the top brands, we make it easy for you to keep up to code without making a heavy investment in supplies.  

There are dozens of spray and paint booth brands out there, all of which come with their own filter sizes, styles, and formats. Because we specialize in providing equipment for auto body repair companies just like yours, we’ve made it a point to include auto spray booth filters from virtually every supplier.

Whether you prefer the Accudraft brand of auto paint booth filters, or options from Viledon or AFC, we have the supplies you need. In fact, we currently list over 50 different companies and suppliers, making us one of the most universal suppliers on the Web.

Auto Spray Booth Filter Features  

When you want quality supplies for your shop or garage, look for spray booth filter features like high-efficiency diffusion, 3-ply layers, and EPA compliance. These will not only ensure that you meet the legal requirements in your state, but that you’re also doing your part to maintain a safe working environment for your employees regardless of what kind of finishing products you use. You’ll also keep cross-contamination low so that your work always showcases a gleaming, perfect finish. 

Many of our paint booth exhaust come in bulk-sized orders, allowing you to keep your inventory up without a hassle. Whether your order ships from the Auto Body Toolmart warehouse or direct to you from the manufacturer, we make sure you always get a high level of customer service and great shipping rates.