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Paint Booth Fans

Automotive paint booth fans offer a reliable and cost-effective way to move air and clean out impurities in a spray booth. Whenever you’re working with harsh chemicals, paint products, and sanding applications that contribute in a negative way to the air quality of your workspace, you run the risk of damaging not only a car’s finish, but your health as well.

Fortunately, automotive exhaust fans exist to help things run smoothly. Operated by individual motors that reduce the risk of sparks while also providing a high-powered output, these pieces of equipment are a must-have when it comes to the modern garage.

Because we ship them out directly from the manufacturer, you should have your equipment delivered and ready to be installed not long after you place the order.

Auto Paint Booth Fans and Motors

To purchase a fully equipped system that’s ready to be installed and put to use, our selection of fans with motors is a good place to start looking. This collection of tubeaxial fans are meant to provide all the power and fanning capabilities you need, and can operate at high temperatures that guard against fire hazards. Spark-resistant propellers also help keep the dangers low so you can start using your paint booth fan right away without fear of damages. 

However, even the best car spray booth fans can't run forever, which means you’ll eventually need to replace the motor. Our selection of motors for fans offers powerful results with anywhere from 1 HP to 5 HP strength. With base mounts and automatic thermal protection, these motors meet all the conditions needed to operate your fan safely.

In order for you to do your job well, you need a workspace that matches. Make the most out of your spray booth by installing a high-quality paint booth fan that will last.