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OTC Shop Equipment

Sometimes you'll find your shop is missing a very specific, yet very important item for particular jobs. But where do you go to find such tools? Look no further than ABTM's OTC tools and equipment selection to find everything you need, no matter what job you're tackling. Need to handle filters from construction equipment, farm implements, trucks, and more? The OTC 25-Ton Capacity Heavy-Duty Oil Filter Crusher has you covered. Since it operates on standard shop air and features an automatic cycle feature, you just need to load the filter, push a button, and walk away.

For preventing damage to sensitive electronic systems, the OTC Antizap Auto Surge Protector helps protect important vehicle components from dangerous high-voltage spikes. Shop today and find the OTC shop equipment to keep your auto body shop running like a well-oiled machine.

OTC Accessory Set For 25-Ton Presses - 1881
Regular Price: $648.22
On Sale For: $638.96
OTC Caterpillar Revolver Engine Adapter Plate - 205060
Regular Price: $874.79
On Sale For: $797.26
OTC Engine Support Bar - 4324
Regular Price: $173.99
On Sale For: $149.49
OTC High-Lift Dual Wheel Dolly - OTC  5105B
Regular Price: $2,455.56
On Sale For: $2,398.16
OTC Tools Lever Action Bucket Pump - 2352
Regular Price: $58.16
On Sale For: $50.96
OTC Torque Multiplier, 1000 lb-ft - 7367
Regular Price: $325.26
On Sale For: $322.36