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Oil Change & Lube Tools

Changing the oil might not be the most exciting part of your day, but it’s an important step in keeping an automobile running in top condition. Whether you operate a garage that includes regular oil changes as part of your regular lineup of services, or if you’re a DIYer with a need for oil changing tools that will save you money every few months, we have the full range of supplies you seek.

All the oil change equipment we carry is from names that are highly trusted in the automotive industry. KD Tools provides top-of-the-line filter wrenches and feeler gauges under both the KD and GearWrench brands. Lincoln Industrial, a leading manufacturer of automated lubrication systems, has been in business since 1910, and has a strong lineup of oil changing tools to prove it. Lisle Corporation is another century-old manufacturer of automotive parts, offering a full range of oil change accessories for cars, trucks, and even tractors.

Oil Change Equipment for the Modern Garage

From filter wrenches and grease guns to drain pans, the oil changing tools you use will dictate how efficient you are at your job. That’s why we’ve made it a point to carry everything you need in one convenient location.

Start with a Lisle 4.5 Gallon Oil Pan that makes fluid transfer easy with wide-grip handles and a spout for pouring. From there, explore options in filter wrenches that include the popular GearWrench Swivoil Filter Wrench and the Lisle Small Swivel-Gripper No Slip Filter Wrench, which fits into the tightest of spots. You’ll also find specialized oil change equipment like the Lisle Oil Dispenser and Spill-Free FunnelLincoln Mechanical’s Lube Meter Control Valve and a complete OEM Oil & Fuel Filter Service Kit.

We serve auto body shops, traditional garages, and car enthusiasts who know a thing or two about oil changing tools. Whatever category you fit in, you’ll find all the supplies you need right there!