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Norton Sandpaper and Abrasives

Norton Abrasives is the world's largest manufacturer and supplier of abrasives for household, industrial, commercial, and automotive use. The brand is popular not only among automotive repair professionals like you, but is also in regular use by welders and amateur restoration enthusiasts. This kind of versatility means that Norton sanding discs and sandpaper are not only affordable but also reliable – something we know you’ll appreciate as you set to work sanding, grinding, and scuffing surfaces.

At Auto Body Toolmart, we make it easy for you to find the right grain of Norton sandpaper and abrasives to suit your needs – and to fit the abrasive tool you prefer. NorGrip Finishing Foam Discs come in 3-inch and 6-inch rounds. The BluMag PSA Discs come in 40E and 80E grades in a variety of sizes. You’ll also find Gold Reserve PSA Sheet Rolls, which are ideal when you need more aggressive sanding and stripping capabilities, as well as 5" PSA Disc Rolls, which are great for feather edging and dry sanding putty and plastic. Norton's Bear Tex Scuff Pads are available in two different types of grain for fine and aggressive sanding — add both to your inventory to ensure you're always prepared for the task at hand.

Because our warehouse is well-stocked with all the Norton automotive abrasives we currently offer, we make it easy for you to keep your inventory up to date. Buy in bulk or purchase your body shop supplies on an as-needed basis – either way, we’ll continue to provide the same great customer service and fast shipping.

Norton Abrasives through the Years 

Norton Company was founded in 1885 by a group hoping to fulfill the need for grinding wheels in the U.S. manufacturing industry. They were successful in this goal, and have been supplying abrasive tools and materials ever since, though it wasn’t until the 1930s that Norton started focusing on the sandpaper and handheld abrasives most people associate with the company today.  

When you want a high level of productivity and consistent performance at a low price, Norton Abrasives is the answer. By making the right tools for your work so easy to access, we allow you to focus your energy and time on what matters most – getting the job done.