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Miscellaneous Buffing & Polishing Supplies

Buffing and polishing is hard work –– having the right tools at the ready can make all the difference. Shop ABTM's selection of auto polishing supplies so that you can work smarter instead of harder. Need to remove debris or slush created from sanding or spreading body filler? Try 3M Wetordry Rubber Squeegee, which is small for hard-to-reach spaces, and helps eliminate water and sanding swarf from wet sanding.

Remove scratches with a single polish using the Norton Clean-up/Detailer Spray 32 oz., leaving you with a luster finish. Check out the Norton Liquid Ice Polish to remove imperfections easily, with a water soluble formula that's both easy to apply and remove. Shop ABTM's wide selection of auto buffing and polishing supplies to make sure you're ready for whatever job comes your way.