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Masking Tape

Automotive masking tape is one of the most important body shop supplies there is. Painters tape as it is sometimes called is important for painting and priming vehicles, homes, or something else you may be painting that you are trying to protect. When painting and priming a vehicle you may need to cover panels, glass, protect interiors, and more. Masking tape and masking paper is the perfect combination of materials to help you accomplish this.

Not All Masking Tape Is Created Equal

While there are many brands of auto body masking tape available, we only carry the top brands. We are proud to carry 3M automotive masking tape because their product lasts long, is well priced, and has good adhesion to almost any material. It can be used to tape off a car, truck, motorcycle, or even the trim of your house. Body shops and residential painters have relied on 3M Scotch brand masking tape for almost 90 years. Their various masking tapes are made for different applications, uses, and budgets. But no matter your budget or project, you can be sure that their masking tape will do the job. We carry many sizes of 3M masking tape so you have exactly what you need to finish a project. 

Besides masking tape, auto shops also need fine line tape and double sided tape.
Fine line tape is perfect for laying out detail work like stripes, flames, and other types of customization. Double sided tape is wonderful for adhering badges, logos, and emblems that glue or screws cannot handle.

No matter if you need 3M masking tape, fine line tape, or another type of car masking tape, Auto Body Toolmart has you covered. Order all your masking tape and paint supplies with us 24/7 on our easy to use website!