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Masking Machines

When you run a successful automotive paint or finishing shop, you need a convenient way to access masking paper. With so many different roll sizes and types of masking paper and overspray sheeting out there, it’s not enough to keep the rolls stored on the floor or in a back closet. Fortunately, an auto body masking machine helps to reduce waste, allow you to access your supplies more efficiently, and often offer a portable storage option you can push away from the floor when not in use.

Just as there are dozens of masking paper brands and manufacturers, so too do you have choices when it comes to masking machine brands. With both top-of-the-line and discount equipment from names like 3M, Champ, Astro, Keysco, and more, Auto Body Toolmart is one of the largest suppliers of auto body masking machines on the Web.

Find the Right Masking Machine for the Job

If you're looking for a standard masking machine, Astro's 18" Masking Machine and our Triple Masker are both great options for holding your paper and tape rolls. If you want a masking machine that can do double duty, you should look at options like the Astro Mobile Step Masking machine. In addition to an 18” roll and an anodized blade for smooth cutting, this tool also works as a step stool so you can access all those hard-to-reach places.

No matter what it is you’re after, you’ll find the right masking machine here. And with fast shipping and great customer service, you can have your machine delivered right away! We have a large selection of paint guns, masking tape, and paint booths for sale for any budget and workspace. For all your shop equipment and car painting needs visit Auto Body Toolmart!