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Malco Products is the manufacturer of specialty automotive tools like hand notchers, metal cutting shears, hand seamers and door skin removers. These auto body tools and fabrication tools are not your standard manual devices; they are air powered to help you get your projects done faster with less aggravation.

Malco Air Nibblers, Shears, and More


Auto Body Toolmart is proud to sell and represent the Malco line of tools. The Malco hemming tool and Malco Turbo Shears are great for cutting metal on doors, trunks, or creating custom patch panels on flat pieces of stock metal. One product from Malco Products that we love at Auto Body Toolmart is the Raditap Rapid Removal System. It is a fantastic dent repair tool and system that is air-actuated to help remove dents and dings in places that are hard to reach. Whether you need to sneak through a small slot in a door panel, deck lid or quarter panel this tool will make the job easier. A type of dent repair system like this will allow you to tackle projects that you could not before without aggressive paint repair. It also will bring your business new opportunities to earn money. While Malco Products makes very specialty tools that last the test of time; the also make their tools very affordable. Their product line starts at just over $42.00 and for that kind of value you cannot go wrong buying Malco tools.

When you need automotive tools, body shop supplies, or other equipment for your garage or body shop you can count on Auto Body Toolmart. We carry everything you need to finish any project and with brands like Malco ready to ship to you; we know you can do it also!