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Lord Fusor Adhesives

Although it’s not the most well-known name in automotive adhesive products, LORD Fusor adhesives are found on almost every car manufactured in the United States and around the world. Original equipment manufacturers have long relied on this brand to offer high-quality, long-lasting bonds that meet all the necessary safety regulations.

Adopting the same adhesive technologies used by OEMs, LORD Fusor also supplies adhesives to the aftermarket repair and service industries. From bumper repair to rivet bonding, weld bonding, seam sealing, and sound control, this line of adhesive products meets all OEM specifications and looks.  

It’s no wonder why so many top-of-the-line auto body repair professionals refuse to rely on any other brand – when you want to match the look of a car rolling right off the factory lines, this is exactly where to turn.

LORD Fusor Adhesives for Every Project 

Because LORD Fusor adhesives are such specialty products, we’ve worked hard to ensure that our stock reflects the needs of the average auto-body repair shop. From Fusor Direct to Metal Sealer Adhesives for duplicating a factory appearance on standing seams to Lord Fusor Extreme Bumper Repair Adhesive, which can have you sanding and painting within ten minutes, you’ll find the complete line of adhesives right here.  

We also carry several different LORD Fusor dispensing guns and power mixing tips, so that you can always be assured of reaching that original manufacturer look. All products ship to the continental United States, and you can place your order either for single-use adhesives or bulk supplies you can keep stored in your garage.

As a company that’s been creating adhesives and shop equipment for the automotive, aerospace, and defense industries for over 90 years, LORD Fusor is a company worth relying on. And with everyday low prices and great shipping from Auto Body Toolmart, you can have these products delivered to your door right away.