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As one of the most popular brands of engineering adhesives and sealants in the world, Loctite products are a good choice when you need a reliable, high-performance solution for your garage or business. Whether you’re working with a car’s interior, body, or engine, you’ll find a range of Loctite products that will make your job easier and provide a more polished finish.

For interior and upholstery needs, our Loctite Head Liner Adhesive provides a water-resistant, clear-coat finish that can also carry over to be used for plastic and rubber. For more in-depth work, options in bulk rust treatments and rubberized undercoating also come with the Loctite seal of approval. 

We also have multiple threadlocker options available through our warehouse, providing you with flexibility when it comes to your repair needs. Choose from wax sticks that make it easy to apply a threadlocking adhesive or the more traditional capsule format to keep screws, bolts, and nuts in place while you make your repairs.

About Loctite

Once an American-run business, the Loctite brand of adhesives, sealants, and coatings is now manufactured and supplied by German corporation Henkel. Fortunately for repair shops everywhere, the change of manufacturer back in 1997 did little to change the quality of the product. In fact, because Henkel puts a focus on sustainable technologies and a global reach, Loctite products have never been more popular or more in demand by leading industrial organizations around the world. You can feel good about your purchase and ensure that you uphold the quality of your repairs at the same time.  

Because of Loctite’s multi-use capabilities, the products can cross over from engine and transmission repair to exterior body solutions and even motorcycle care. And because you’re buying them from Auto Body Toolmart, you get our low prices, fast shipping, and incredible customer service each time you place an order.