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LockJaw Self Adjusting Pliers

Looking for an ultra durable, totally adjustable tool to come in clutch where you need it? We've got just the thing you're looking for with the LockJaw Self Adjusting Pliers. LockJaw Self-Adjusting 7" C-Clamp with Swivel Pad Pliers are every auto body technician's dream. These pliers automatically adjust without having to add any more pressure, while maintaining comfort with a non-slip texture grip, and a forward release lever that allows for unlocking to be smooth and clip. The real wow factor here? All of this can be done one-handed, and with minimal fuss or unnecessary fiddling. With the set and forget clamp pressure, chrome molybdenum steel construction, and lifetime warranty, this tool should be in your back pocket today. Just a couple of clicks closer to making your life a whole lot easier!