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KLEAN-STRIP offers a professional-strength line of solvent products to help you achieve that perfect finish. Popular with DIYers and among industrial companies who work with stripping, cleaning, and abrading on a wider scale, KLEAN-STRIP products work quickly, effectively, and safely to get the job done.

The KLEAN-STRIP line of products serve two purposes for most auto-body repair shops – for direct use on cars and trucks, and to help keep your painting and curing materials in good condition. Whether you plan to spot finish cars for detailing duties, or if you want to eliminate caked-on paint and clogged work tools with solvents that meet all national codes and regulations, you’re sure to find the perfect solution within the KLEAN-STRIP line.

Stripping and Paint Removal that Lasts

For occasional and light use, you can purchase individual KLEAN-STRIP products like the Decal & Adhesive Remover, which won’t damage cured paint finishes and comes in easily stored aerosol cans. For bigger jobs, we also sell Bulldog Abrasive Prep & Clean and Mask & Peel Spray Booth Coating in bucket-sized quantities. All of these products have been tested and proven to work effectively in a shop setting.

With a special automotive branch dedicated entirely to the auto-body repair industry, the KLEAN-STRIP company has been able to streamline the way they do business. KLEAN-STRIP currently serves as the number one solvent brand in America, trusted by homeowners, automotive repair enthusiasts, and professionals who know it doesn’t take expensive products to do a job well.

When you need specialty products to clean and prepare surfaces, you don’t have to look any further than KLEAN-STRIP and Auto Body Toolmart. We have you covered – and we ship to most domestic areas within just a few days so you don’t have to wait to get started.