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Ionix Static Eliminator - SM200-2

Ionix Static Eliminator - SM200-2

Ionix Static Eliminator - SM200-2

Ionix Technologies
SKU:    IONIX-SM200-2
Price: $99.99

Eliminates static and cuts the time it takes to prep surfaces by 50%

Install the Ionix Static Eliminator in a compressed air line blowing onto the surface or into spaces from which static needs to be removed. It helps in reducing the time it takes to prepare surfaces by 50%. The air line can be handheld, automated blow off, or an air separating mechanical feeding system. The compressed air acts as an electrical conductor after it is forced through the Ionix unit. This tool provides a non-destructive dissipative path through the treated air to attract an opposing electrical charge or electrical ground to get rid of static charges on surfaces.

The Ionix Static Eliminator is quick to install and takes just ten minutes to complete the installation process. Just cut the air line and hose clamp the hose ends over Ionix ends. It does not require any power supply or special positioning. Only one Ionix can be installed per machine air line or per hand blow off hose.

Ionix Static Eliminator, through a dissipative process, helps in the automatic elimination of either positive or negative charges. Ionix has been known to show efficiency in applications in which traditional ionization may not give results. They suit a host of applications in industries since it can be installed in any air line irrespective of the presence of metal or the distance from the air nozzle. Use it for surface preparation or install in compressed air separation lines in plastic, printing, materials handling, binding, mailing machines, and packaging machines. This eliminator is environmentally friendly and is non-reactive in any detrimental way.

Key Features of the Ionix Static Eliminator:

  • Removes surface static that attracts dust to wet sprays
  • Eliminates static on wood or metal before starting painting jobs
  • Comes with a 6" hose and a 3/8" NPT thread on each side
  • Cuts down surface preparation time by 50%

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1. on 2/17/2018, said:
I have not purchased this product, but would like to know how long this product lasts before requiring replacement? Does it last indefinitely or need periodic replacement?
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