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INNOVA® Inductive Timing Light (DIS) - 3551

INNOVA® Inductive Timing Light (DIS) - 3551

INNOVA® Inductive Timing Light (DIS) - 3551

SKU:    INN-3551
Price: $38.43

For the precise and effective timing of your vehicle, no matter the make, model or year, trust in the INNOVA® Inductive Timing Light (DIS) – 3551 to provide you with measurable, precise results. This industry-leading tool is a must-have in every tune-up kit!

The comprehensive nature of this tool allows you to check timing, diagnose a no-spark condition, check for electronic advance/retard and more, giving you the ability to precisely and effectively pinpoint conditions for targeted resolutions. It works with most ignition systems, including DIS, conventional, electronic and computer-controlled systems, in both domestic and import vehicles.

In addition to measuring factory timing at 9-degrees, this tool also features a variable adjustment scope that allows you to measure a range of timing degrees. Patented skip circuitry tests up to 9,990rpm, giving you the versatility you demand out of a tool that will be used in commercial settings to help time a range of vehicles and engines.

Ergonomic construction

The INNOVA® Inductive Timing Light (DIS) – 3551 is designed to be comfortable in your hand, as well as effective in helping you find and measure the timing mark in your engine environment. A slim, rotating barrel gives you the ability to aim the unit right into the engine to locate the timing mark, while a protective hand guard protects fingers from bumping into components. The entire tool can be operated with one hand, leaving your other free to brace yourself, take notes or perform any number of peripheral tasks.

How to use

This tools is as easy to use as it is effective in giving you the quantitative data you’re looking for when timing your vehicle.

  • Attach the conductive pickup to your master cylinder and the electrical leads to your battery.
  • Start your vehicle and measure engine timing via the timing light, adjusting your distributor as needed to create the appropriate timing. When the light matches the timing mark, appropriate timing has been achieved.

Thanks to its adjustable nature, this tool can also be used to help measure effective timing across virtually any vehicle, either stock or modified.

Key Features of the INNOVA® Inductive Timing Light (DIS) - 3551:

  • This best seller is a must have for every tune-up kit. Works with most ignition systems: DIS, conventional, electronic and computer controlled systems - domestic and imports 
  • Check timing, diagnose a no-spark condition, check for electronic advance/retard and more 
  • Slim, rotating barrel for better aim at timing mark 
  • Detachable leads, metal inductive pickup 
  • Protective hand guard 
  • Patented Skip Circuitry Test up to 9,990 RPM 
  • One-hand Operation

Operating Instructions

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