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Ingersoll Rand Shop Compressors

Ingersoll Rand shop compressors are part of an extensive product range that includes everything from complete air compressor systems and tools to ARO pumps, material handling systems, and more. When you need high-powered tool systems that can tap into the power of pressurized air, you’ll find that Ingersoll Rand offers some of the most versatile and well-used tools in the industry.

To get started with your Ingersoll Rand shop compressors and accessories, you can choose from options like the 10HP 120 Gallon Auto Shop Vertical Air Compressor or the complete 10HP 120 Gallon Horizontal Air Compressor Package. These two popular compressor types have been in production since 1963, and are designed to run at high volumes and under high pressures without interruption all day long. Both come with lease-to-own options available through Auto Body Toolmart, so you can start building your business without a high overhead.

For rotary air compressors, the UP6-15cTAS-150 and UP6-10TAS-150 both provide power in an energy efficient design to help keep production costs low while improving your quality of work. 

From there, what you do with your Ingersoll Rand shop compressors is entirely up to you. Impact wrenches, air ratchets, drills, die grinders, and impact tools are all available through the Ingersoll Rand line, allowing you to hook up tools for almost any finishing job. Basic socket sets and wrench kits are also available, should you decide to keep stocking your garage with this trusted name.

About Ingersoll Rand Shop Compressors

Ingersoll Rand is one of the oldest tool manufacturers in operation in the United States. The company history dates back to 1871, when Simon Ingersoll patented a steam-powered rock drill. Within the next thirty years, the company went on to explore portable compressors and pneumatic tools, both of which still form the largest product base the company carries.

Today, Ingersoll Rand and its family of brands provide quality tools and materials to the construction, mining, industrial, commercial, and automotive markets. Whether you want a traditional Ingersoll Rand shop compressor, or if you’re simply looking for high-quality air tools you can count on, you’ll find all of it right here.