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Infratech Corporation

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Accelerate your curing time with electrical infrared units designed for the modern garage. INFRATECH Automotive taps into the power of short wave, medium wave, and high intensity infrared energy to speed up the process of drying and curing liquid coatings on cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles and more.

For over 50 years, INFRATECH has been supplying industrial heat applications in shops just like yours. We’re proud to offer a full range of their products in sizes and prices that make sense for your budget – and with all your professional goals in mind.

INFRATECH Products and Supplies 

Short wave infrared lamps provide the hottest and fastest way to get the job done. The INFRATECH 4000 Watt Iridium Short Wave lamp is one of our more popular short wave options, as it allows you to set and maintain a constant temperature on a fully programmable timer. For a larger, more consistent area of heat curing, the medium wave infrared lamps we sell are a good choice. Our 17,000 Watt Portable Medium Wave option gets the job done in large shops and when you need a more powerful solution.

High-intensity lamps use medium waves with a higher watt density to get faster results. Choose from our popular 4000 Watt High Intensity Medium Wave or go for smaller, more localized curing with a high-intensity single lamp. You can also opt for low-voltage options that don’t interfere with the rest of the work going on in your garage.

No matter what kind of heating power you prefer, you’re sure to find the solution here. Many of our INFRATECH products are available with lease-to-own options that allow you to break up the cost into easily managed monthly payments. We also offer specials on INFRATECH color matcher lighters, many of which are offered free when you purchase a full heating system.