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The GoJak might look like a simple piece of equipment, but this self-loading dolly is one of the most popular choices when you want a combined jack and dolly for car positioning. Because it operates without air, oil, or electricity, you can use the GoJak almost anywhere, while its heavy-duty lifting capabilities mean you can work on cars of up to 6,300 pounds in weight, including light duty trucks.

The GoJak is the first in a line of jacking products designed and manufactured by the Connecticut-based Zendex Tool Corporation to make it more efficient to move vehicles around a busy body shop. Operating on the principle of a quick-action foot pedal that smoothly lifts the car from the ground and locks the tire into place, this piece of equipment is safe, stable, and easy to use. You simply place the GoJak under the wheels, load the vehicle, and then safely position it wherever you need to go.

GoJack Wheel Dolly Options 

Depending on the type of cars and trucks you need to position, you can opt for the 5000 Series, the Super Slick Jack Dolly 4500 (which was designed for the racecar industry), or the most recent innovations. The most versatile of all the GoJack wheel dollies is the GoJack Heavy-Duty Wheel Dolly. It features all the capabilities of the 5000 Series, with additional under frame clearance and weight up to 6,300 pounds.

Because these GoJaks are almost always purchased in sets of four (ideal when you want to lift the whole car at once), we also sell a GoJak Storage Rack that makes it easy to organize your workspace. After all, the entire purpose of this product is to reduce the amount of time you spend on the details.

With the GoJak, you can perform multiple job functions in one – and do it safely, securely, and without any heavy lifting on your part. When you need the best shop equipment, floor jacks, and air tools in the business visit Auto Body Toolmart.