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Floor Jacks & Stands

The quality of your floor jack will determine how long you can keep your shop running without damage to the shop floor, customer merchandise, or even your staff.  

Our car jacks and jack stands run the range of 2-ton service jacks to 30-ton truck jacks, allowing you freedom of choice when it comes to how much weight you need to lift. We also offer a full range of hydraulic and manual options to allow you greater flexibility. And with brands like Blackhawk, Astro, OTC, and Craftsman to choose from, you can stick to the names you trust – and prices you can manage.

Floor Jack Extensions and Accessories

While most shops boast basic floor jacks, we like to think that the best automotive repair companies are the ones that can handle any kind of unique need. That’s why we go beyond traditional floor jacks to include motorcycle lifts, jack dollies, jack stands, adapters, and stabilizers. By allowing you to make all your purchases in one location, we can cut down on the amount of time you spend comparison shopping and let you get back to the job you do best.

With regular discounts and some of the lowest prices around, you can’t beat Auto Body Toolmart as your floor jack and hydraulic lift provider. And because we stock almost all our floor jacks in our own warehouse, you rarely have to wait to have your order filled. Faster, more reliable service is yours for the taking – Auto Body Toolmart will show you how!

Pinchweld Jack Adapter
Price: $18.99
RakJak™ 2-Ton Double Bag Air Jack - DBT2
Regular Price: $514.99
On Sale For: $429.99