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Finishing Glazes & Putty

Quality paint and putty supplies are an auto body technician’s best friend. It doesn’t matter how much time and work you put into the job – if the top coat doesn’t have that seamless, professional finish, the entire result will look shoddy. Always put your best foot forward and refuse to skimp on the details with auto body glazing putty from Auto Body Toolmart. Offered from top brands like 3M, Dynatron, Evercoat, U.S. Chemical and more, these finishing products make you – and your work – look flawless. Use them on galvanized steel, aluminum, and most other automotive metals. With these top-of-the-line products and Auto Body Toolmart’s great customer service, you have little to lose.

Finishing Product Supplies and Brands

When you’re looking for a quality auto body finishing putty, you want an even spread and smooth finish that won’t force you to spend hours sanding it down. With options like hybrid polyester technology, pourable putty options, fast-drying glazes, and self-leveling putties, we provide a wide range of products with high-quality results in mind.

3M’s Piranha Advanced Finishing Putty is a perfect example of several of these features coming together in a single product, as it cures in 30 minutes and offers extremely easy sanding over pinholes, scratches, and other minor imperfections. Evercoat’s Euro-Soft Polyester Glazing Putty is another great option when you need an extra-strong product for use in areas that undergo regular stress and impact. And for the DIY auto body enthusiast, USC's Icing Polyester Finishing Putty is the product for you.

Minor scratches and scrapes might not seem like they require as much work as the more intensive auto body repair work you do – and in many ways, this is true, since these types of damages don’t always need a dent-pulling tool kit or pneumatic suction to restore the vehicle to its former glory. However, when the details and finish matter – and when you take pride in ensuring that no scratch should go unrepaired – these finishing glazes and putties are for you.

Make sure when you are working on body work to order abrasives and sandpaper from Auto Body Toolmart. We carry many different types of abrasives for sale to tackle any project.