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Fiberglass Fillers

Although fiberglass auto parts aren’t used quite as much as they used to be, there’s still a strong need for auto body fiberglass fillers in the automotive repair industry. Whether you work on older models with fiberglass bodies, if you need to repair many of today’s aftermarket parts, or if you’re using it to protect a welded area against moisture damage, you can fill all your fiberglass filler needs right here at Auto Body Toolmart.

Short hair and long hair fiberglass fillers are available in gallon and quart-sized quantities to make your job easier, and we also offer fiberglass mats and cloths to improve your repair and restoration work. Thick, strong, and waterproof, fiberglass fillers require a skilled hand to apply and refinish. We’re confident you can do the job well, and that our warehouses have all the tools you need to see it through to completion.

Fiberglass Filler Brands

One of the most trusted automotive fiberglass filler brands is 3M. Although most of their fiberglass products are used for boats and the marine industry, the automotive side of things carries several different products. Short strand options like the 3M-Marson Mar-Glass Short Strand Fiberglass Filler are also popular when you need fast and easy waterproof repairs.

You can also look to Auto Body Toolmart for auto body fiberglass fillers from companies like Dynatron, Evercoat, U-Pol, and USC. Many of these come pre-mixed and ready to use, while others allow you to have more control by requiring you to apply a liquid hardener or thinner by hand.

Whatever your preferred method of application or brand, you’ll find the right fiberglass fillers, fiberglass glazing putty and other products right here. Don’t forget to also check out our safety gloves, glasses, and respirators to ensure you always work safely with these and other chemical products.