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Explosion Proof Fans

Any time you work in a garage or auto-body repair shop, you deal with potentially flammable gases and liquids. Clear coats, paint thinners, gasoline, brake fluid…all these things send particles up into the air around you. Explosion proof fans exist to not only clear the air you breathe to provide a cleaner, healthier place to work, but they are self-contained systems that will prevent sparks from causing an unsafe fire or explosion in the fan system.

All the explosion proof fans we carry here at Auto Body Toolmart meet the National Electric Code (NEC) for safety. With spark-resistant polypropylene blades and totally enclosed motors, these fans make it easy for you to ventilate your workspace safely and continuously.

Depending on how big your garage is and what kind of setup you have for your exhaust system, you can choose various sizes between basic 16” explosion proof fans and 24” explosion proof fans with variable speeds.

All of our explosion proof exhaust fans are part of the Jenny Products line of equipment. Jenny Products is a U.S. manufacturer of ventilation and cleaning equipment. It began in the 1920s as a manufacturer of the “Steam Jenny,” the first steam cleaner to have practical, household applications. Since that time, the product line has expanded to include other specialty cleaners and vent/exhaust fans for the industrial markets.

Explosion Proof Fan Accessories

To have a fully integrated ventilation system, you need more than just an explosion proof fan, which is why we’ve extended our product line to include various sizes of exhaust fan shutters and back guards. Each piece is sold separately so you can build your ideal fan system from the ground up.

Meet OSHA requirements and enjoy a safer, better ventilated workspace while you do it. Explosion proof fans are ideal for the automotive industry and for garages just like yours.