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Eurothane H/S 2:1 Clear

When it comes to automotive paint projects, having the right clearcoat makes the difference between sleek and sloppy. Auto Body Toolmart has the Kirker Eurothane clearcoat to ensure your jobs come out looking clean and professional. The Kirker Eurothane H/S 2:1 Clear is made from superior resins imported from the Netherlands, allowing it to flow and level very easily. It also boasts excellent resistance to shrinkage, long-lasting shine, and durable protection against the elements.

Its multipurpose use makes it the ultimate versatile clearcoat to have at the ready. To use alongside the Kirker Eurothane Clearcoat, check out the Kirker Eurothane Activators, which are available in fast and slow dry formulas. Shop Auto Body Toolmart's selection today to find the clearcoat for your next auto paint project.