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Access diagnostic information faster, more accurately, and for less with Equus Automotive scanning tools and kits. The last thing you want when getting ready to work on a car is to spend hours under the hood or with a bulky tech system, slogging through information to get to what you need. You need live data, you need easy-to-use technology, and you need it in a handheld format that will allow you to move around the garage with ease.

With the Innova Diagnostic line, you get access to digital multimeters, electrical testers, mechanical testers, OBD1 tools, OBD2 diagnostic tools, timing lights, and more. Take the guesswork out of your daily operations by finding the perfect type of scanner for your business or personal use.

Types of Equus Automotive Scanners

One of the most comprehensive products we carry within this line is the Innova CarScan + OBD1. Capable of retrieving information on diagnostic codes on the most common 1996 and newer models (as well as the most popular models previous to that), this all-in one machine also comes with software that allows you to print out the results for easy record keeping and estimate preparation.

This kind of tool (and others like it) are most helpful in a garage that sees several different types of vehicles come and go. However, if you want an Equus Innova for personal use, you can look to affordable options like the Equus Automotive CarScan Tool, which works for all cars from 1996 on, and offers up to twenty pieces of diagnostic information on its backlit screen.

Equus Innova products are designed to be some of the most comprehensive diagnostic tools on the market. Access complex OBD systems with the click of a button and work across various makes and models without requiring a huge investment in your technology – these products make it all possible. Whether are looking for automotive diagnostic equipment, Craftsman Tools, or shop supplies for sale, you can count on Auto Body Toolmart. We carry thousands of tools and products at warehouse direct prices so order from us today!