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Dura-Block offers high-end professional sanding blocks ideal for use in refinishing cars and motorcycles. Individual users rely on the company’s sanding tools for classic car restoration as well as other important projects where every detail matters. Auto body repair shops keep Dura-Block on hand for when they need a quality, consistent flat finish that looks flawless to the naked eye.

Whatever your project or profession, you’ll find that Auto Body Toolmart’s supply of Dura-Block sanders and sanding kits offer everything you need to see the job through to the end. We sell Dura-Block sanding blocks by the piece so that you only purchase the tools you need, or you can find discounted prices when you buy full kits like our popular Dura-Block 7-Piece Sanding Block Kit.

No matter which way you place your order, you’ll find sizes in everything from long 11" x 2-3/4" Dura-Blocks to wider-paneled 5" x 2-3/8" x 9/16" size sanding blocks. These varied sizes make it easy for you to match the tool to the job and keep control over your movements.

About Dura-Block and Trade Associates

Trade Associates has been supplying industrial tools under the Air Force, Mark 1, and Dura-Block brands since 1981. In addition to the Dura-Block sanders the company is most famous for, they also provide spray guns, air tools, polishers, cutting tools, and more.

The company is based out of Washington but stocks its goods all over the world, and Auto Body Toolmart is proud to be one of the businesses that stocks the brand. Whether you’d like to purchase a few sanding blocks for a particular project, or if you need a steady incoming supply to keep your garage running smoothly, our warehouse is equipped with all the Dura-Block merchandise you need. Contact our sales team today to learn more about placing your order.