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Dominator II Paintless Dent Repair System

Change the way you approach paintless dent removal by investing in the kind of equipment that provides a perfect, seamless, easy-to-master finish every time. The Dominator II Paintless Dent Repair System offers one of the most comprehensive paintless dent removal kits available today. Using a special approach that combines high-speed tapping heads, suction attachments, traditional slide hammers, and pneumatic suction, you’ll find that it’s easier than ever before to get in, get the job done, and get on your way.

Practicing with the Dominator II Paintless Dent Repair System only takes a few hours, but it’s best if you have some idea of your skill level before you get started. For the most kinds of basic auto body dent repair, you can rely on the Dominator II Standard Dent Removal System, which contains everything you need at a conveniently low price. Seven interchangeable tapping heads will ensure that you can get to work on dents both big and small, while the medium-sized and hand-held tools are versatile enough to fit almost all hands.

If you’re ready to tackle more complicated dents (or if you prefer having the complete kit at your disposal), you might be ready for the Dominator II Deluxe Dent Repair Kit. It comes with additional tools and suction features so you can tackle any-sized job. You can also look to our mini dent repair kit for smaller jobs or personal garage usage.

Experience the Auto Body Toolmart Difference

Auto Body Toolmart has long been a leader in paintless dent removal tools, kits, and accessories. Because our specialty is in helping small business and garages access high-quality, low-cost supplies that get results, we carefully select every product based on how effective it is in the workplace.

Whether you’re just starting your dent repair and removal career, or if you’re an experienced professional looking for ways to get better results with less effort, the Dominator II Paintless Dent Repair System is the perfect solution.