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DeVilbiss TEKNA ProLite Gun

DeVilbiss TEKNA ProLite Gun

DeVilbiss TEKNA ProLite Gun


Doesn't Matter What the Climate is, The TEKNA ProLite Delivers!

The DeVilbiss TEKNA ProLite Gun is designed to work in any climatic condition – hot, cold, dry or humid – and delivers an optimum performance every time. It comes with multiple components to help the painter attune the job to diverse environments. Suitable for working with a variety of paints, this gun promises a high transfer efficiency, which leads to savings on material cost. It works exceptionally well for solvent-based coatings and is great for waterborne paints.

For efficient paint jobs, you can customize the TEKNA ProLite Gun settings for least wet coating, wet coating, and wettest coating. You can select the air cap you require for droplet size and coating need. This gun makes use of the QuickClean technology, which is a non-stick coating, to enable quick and easy cleaning after use. This coating stays durable and makes your gun resistant to corrosion, which means fewer paint defects. The inside passages of the spray gun have the coating too. Hence, it is easy to clean the inside passages of the gun just as external cleaning is. A simple flush through action cleans the gun, and you just need to wipe it.

The compact and lightweight TEKNA ProLite works well for waterborne paint jobs. It is comfortable in your hand since the handle has a curved design. The trigger offers a comfortable grip so that you do not experience any discomfort while operating the gun. It features two air caps – TE10 and TE20– to perform optimally in different climatic conditions with different materials. The TE10 air cap is suitable for solvent and waterborne basecoats in hot dry and cool dry conditions, and it gives an even, wetter spray pattern. The TE20 is a universal air cap that atomizes clearcoats and basecoats with a lot of energy.

Key Features of the DeVilbiss TEKNA ProLite Gun:

  • Designed for optimal performance in different climatic conditions
  • QuickClean technology – non-stick coating makes cleaning a breeze
  • High transfer efficiency helps in material savings
  • Works well for solvent-based coatings and is essential for waterborne
  • Includes (2) air caps: TE10 and TE20,  (3) nozzle sizes: 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4, color identification rings, gun wrench, air adjusting valve with digital gauge, additional fluid tips and QuickClean coating
  • Full coating inside – makes it corrosion resistant and minimizes paint defects
  • External coating imparts durability and scratch-resistance
  • Compliant with EPA and SCAQMD standards
  • Two gun models – with and without an aluminum cup

Technical Specifications

  • Aluminum Cup Capacity: 900 cc
  • Weight: 420 grams

TEKNA ProLite Brochure

Product SKU Price Order
Prolite Gun with 900 cc Aluminum Cup - 703566 DEV-703566
Price: $602.99
Product SKU Price Order
ProLite Gun without Cup - 703567 DEV-703567
Price: $548.99


Customer Reviews
# of Ratings: 6
1. on 1/14/2017, said:
used sata for past 20 years I love this gun
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2. on 4/22/2013, said:
Extremely Good. I like it better than the Millenium.
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(8 people found this comment helpful, 0 did not)
3. on 2/9/2012, said:
This gun is awesome, lays down clear really great. More than happy with this gun.
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