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DeVilbiss DeKups System

The DeVilbiss DeKups System offers a complete line of disposable cups for use in the DeVilbiss gravity and siphon spray guns. Reduce the amount of mess you make and are forced to clean up with these handy cups, and enjoy a more efficient way to paint overall.

The DeVilbiss DeKups System works by allowing you to mix and spray your paint in one cup. Built-in filter options mean you don’t have to strain the paint before you get to work, while the disposable gravity cups mean you can just toss the item out when you’re done instead of taking the time and effort needed to wash it. You can even store the paint in the cup between jobs or when you need a break, making it one of the most convenient ways to perform automotive restoration and touchups.

Best of all, the DeVilbiss DeKups System is designed to reduce your exposure to cleaning solvents and VOCs. You can make your shop more efficient and healthier in one easy transition.

Finding the Right DeKups Supplies

If you’re just getting started with the DeKups System, you may want to get the DeVilbiss DeKups Demo/Trial Kit. This all-encompassing set will introduce you to the process (and even includes an instructional guide), allowing you an affordable way to test the waters. The DeVilbiss DeKups Shop Start Up Kit is another great starting point, and comes with even more supplies and measuring guides to meet your needs.

From there, you can build a DeKups package that makes sense for the work you do. Disposable DeVilbiss DeKups cups and lids come in 9-ounce, 24-ounce, and 34-ounce sizes depending on how much paint you use, and you’ll also find several different DeKups paint gun adaptors that allow you to transform your current paint gun into this more cost-effective, disposable system.