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Detailing Paint Brushes

Sometimes, you don’t need a high-powered spray gun or layers of masking paper to achieve a flawless automotive finish. When fine detail work and color blending matter, all you need are the right sized auto detailing paint brushes and a steady hand.

To the layperson, it might seem like all detailing paint brushes are created equally, but it’s important to remember that these tools are like any other item in your shop. They’re calibrated to maximize performance and help you do your job better. For example, the Bobbo-Mack Super Quad 4 Action Brushes are designed for up to four unique tasks when you want easier and faster scrolling work. The popular “Virus” Script Brushes come in five sizes for even greater personalization. The Mack Series of Sword Striper Touch-Up Brushes and Sword Striping Brushes are both cost-effective ways to get multiple brush sizes in one set.

And for more basic work, look to the Mack Whitey II All Purpose Throw Away Brushes. Touchup, pinstriping, and all-around detail work has never been easier – and our everyday low prices mean that you can invest in a complete set that ensures you always have the right product within reach.

Detailing Paint Brushes and Paint Supplies

As our name suggests, Auto Body Toolmart is all about supplying the right equipment for auto body work, collision repair, and those fine-tuned details that make all the difference. In pinstriping paint brushes, you always want to look for features like quality animal hair products, balanced handles, the right length tufts, and steady grips.

If you consider auto painting to be an art form just as much as it is a steady paycheck, then the auto detailing paint brushes we carry at Auto Body Toolmart are for you. We offer these tools in addition to our everyday automotive painting supplies, which include air pinstripers and more. You’re only limited by your capabilities – and even then, there’s always more you can learn and do! No matter what you need for your projects Auto Body Toolmart carries the best car paint, abrasives, air compressors, and paint booths for sale on the market. When you need supplies or shop equipment you can count on us.