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Dent Repair Tools

Auto body dent repair tools are some of the most important tools you'll ever invest in. That's why we're proud to carry the best selection of made in America body repair tools found anywhere online. From our best-selling Nokker Kit to favorites from Keysco and Steck, we have everything you need to make dent repair and removal as simple as possible. Shop now and you'll receive fast shipping directly from the manufacturer, enabling you to get the job done faster.

Aluminum Steel Stud Welder
Price: $3,019.99
Champ Fender Mender Tool - 4018
Regular Price: $159.99
On Sale For: $135.99
Champ Ninja Stick
Regular Price: $159.99
On Sale For: $135.99
Dent Fix Maxi Stand
Price: $257.69
Keysco Hustler Stick - 77175
Regular Price: $154.99
On Sale For: $129.97
Keysco Leverage Bar
Price: $121.99
Martin 7pc. Body & Fender Repair Set - 647KALFG
Regular Price: $264.99
On Sale For: $234.97
Free Martin Spanner Wrench with Purchase of $225.00 worth of Martin Products
Morgan No. 10 Nokker Kit
Price: $239.99
PDR 3 Piece Tweeker Set
Price: $109.99
PDR 31 Piece Pro Deluxe Set
Price: $1,158.96
PDR 4 Piece Set
Price: $174.99
PDR 6 Piece Combo Set
Regular Price: $319.99
On Sale For: $287.99
PDR Lighting System
Regular Price: $248.99
On Sale For: $211.64