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Dent Removal Systems

When you need more than a traditional dent puller, it’s a good idea to turn to a full auto body dent removal system like those offered from Raditap, Dominator, Champ, Shark, and Alu-Spot. Successful body repair can be done with a variety of different dent repair tools, but only these brands offer self-contained systems that allow you to perform everything in one easy location.

Alu-Spot is a favorite when you need a deluxe dent repair system that can perform heavy-duty repairs consistently and successfully. Offering everything from full discharge welding units to pulling rods, spot welders, sanders, heat guns, and more, these dent pulling systems provide all the equipment you need to complete the job from start to finish. They also come with neat and organized drawer systems that allow you to take care of your tools at the end of the day.

Another great option is the Dominator II Deluxe Dent Removal System, which taps into pneumatic technology to give you the exact amount of control you need. And because you can hook it up to your existing pneumatic system, this type of dent puller provides a more portable and versatile way to run your shop.

Dent Pullers and Supplies

Additional dent pulling supplies from Auto Body Toolmart include replacement electrode tips that can be used with most major dent removal systems, Uni-Vac dent pullers, and various suction tools. Many of these items are compatible with the major dent pulling systems, while others can be used as standalone tools.

Because we have such a large warehouse, we’re able to keep both the large dent pulling systems in stock as well as the accessories that occasionally need to be replaced or updated. Shipping discounts and specials are available for bigger tools systems, and we also have lease-to-own options available on select products.

Don’t let a lack of start-up capital hold you back from your goals. At Auto Body Toolmart, we make auto body repair affordable.