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Curing Lights

Cut your curing time down in half by investing in a quality infrared paint curing lamp designed to finish the job quickly. Traditional heat lamps can apply heat unevenly or use temperatures that aren’t fine-tuned to the automotive industry. Curing lamps that can be mounted on the wall or wheeled to small work areas are an ideal way to apply the perfect wattage to achieve a gleaming finish.

Portable automotive infrared heat lamps like the Infratech Quartz Single Curing Lamp are ideal for small area repairs. Low in cost and fully adjustable, you can adapt this curing light to your workspace and enjoy advanced energy savings while you do it. The Infratech Model SR-Spot is another great option that's perfect for small spot repairs.

When you’re working with larger paint jobs, you can look to options like the 17,000 Watt Portable Medium Wave, which offers a much bigger coverage area with independently controlled curing heads to get the best results. It’s also available in various wattages so you can control the outcome.

We also supply paint curing systems that are ideal for curing waterborne, such as the Infratech Quartz Dual Curing Lamp, which cures water-based paint in roughly 6 minutes.

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Most of the curing lamps we carry at Auto Body Toolmart are from popular brand names like Infratech and Cure-Tek. That’s because these trusted manufacturers have been supplying the automotive industry with infrared and UV technology for decades.

It’s never a good idea to skimp on the details, which is why you should invest in a curing lamp system that makes sense for your garage. From large systems with specialty short wave frequencies to small, portable options you can control, you’ll find top products from top names right here. We also stock a large supply of replacement bulbs so that you never have to experience downtime when your existing supplies wear out.