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Curing Lamps

When it comes to finding the right paint curing lamps for your next project, look no further than those offered by American Made. If you need to perfectly dry and mold most liquid solvent based and water based coatings, check out the Infratech Quartz Single Curing Lamp, which has risen to the ranks of one of the best out there. It's easy to control, and boasts 1500 watts of curing power over a 2' x 3' coverage area. You might also check out the Infratech Short Wave Portable Infrared, with a three-switch control for varying amounts of heat output, which dries solvent based coatings and even softens plastics. The Infratech High Intensity Short Wave Portable Infrared Curing Lamp might be the perfect fit for small spot repairs, with a powerful 1,000 watt halogen short wave fixture and a 14" extension arm for flexible positioning. It can be mounted in a variety of positions, horizontal or vertical. All products were made here in the United States!