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Craftsman Floor Jacks

Tough, stable, and smooth, Craftsman floor jacks are one of the top choices when you want to get under a car and get to work right away. Combining the name-brand quality you trust with the capabilities of the best floor jacks on the market, these products are ideal for both professional garages and private home use. 

For an affordable, well-built jack that comes with a carrying case for jobs on-the-go, consider the 2 ¼ Ton Floor Jack. For bigger jobs that require more lifting power, we suggest the Craftsman Industrial 4 Ton Floor Jack, which features a speedy lift design to get you under the car and to work right away.

Specialty Craftsman floor jacks and products are also part of our lineup here at Auto Body Toolmart. Getting to work on that motorcycle has never been easier thanks to the 1,500 lb. load Motorcycle/ATV jack. Jack stands and other accessories can also come in handy, especially if you need quick and easy support for your workstation. 

Craftsman Floor Jacks and Products You Can Count On

When it comes to tools that make automotive repairs and upgrades easier, Craftsman has long been a trusted name in the industry. Although most often associated with tool kits and tool chests, Craftsman is also a leading provider of specialized, high-tech equipment that includes floor jacks. In business since 1927, no other tool company has developed the same good reputation for affordable, reliable products and services.  

Many of the Craftsman floor jacks we carry at Auto Body Toolmart come with the company’s limited warranty, as well as manuals for use and convenient carry cases. By making the tools you rely on every day easier to use and more accessible, we are all working to improve the automotive repair industry – and to solidify your place within it.