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Coolers & Evaporators

Working in the right weather conditions is a must when you’re dealing with paint, adhesives, chemicals, and other substances in the automotive repair industry. Evaporative coolers make it possible to control the temperature no matter where you live and work. Reduce the heat and humidity in your workspace, stay comfortable all day long, and ensure your applications dry evenly. Our wide selection of evaporative coolers help make it happen by tapping into the perfect balance of water reserves and high-powered fan blades.

For portability and instant, easy use, you’ll want an evaporative cooler like the Cool-Space 16" Portable Evaporative Cooler. Both these options can plug in anywhere and come with a smaller, portable size with rotating wheels that makes it easy to adjust your workspace to your specifications.

For more advanced cooling needs, we also stock options in 36” evaporative coolers and the Cool-Space 48” Cooler. These advanced models can drop the temperature by as much as twenty-eight degrees and run at high efficiency levels that won’t make your electricity overhead rise to unmanageable levels. You’ll also find large water reservoirs that can hold up to 64 gallons at a time.

Evaporative Coolers from Auto Body Toolmart

Whenever you purchase a large piece of equipment like an evaporative cooler, it’s important to choose a supplier who can help reduce shipping costs – which is exactly what we strive to do here at Auto Body Toolmart. When you purchase one of our evaporative coolers, we work with the manufacturer to provide free commercial shipping within the contiguous United States.

Don’t let the conditions outside your shop slow you down. Stay cool, stay efficient, and keep up your high quality of work with an evaporative cooler. If you order today, your equipment could arrive at your door within just a few days.