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Complete Tool Sets

Auto body complete tool sets for mechanics ensure that you’re never left without a necessary tool to complete your repair job. It’s all too common for starting mechanics to “get by” with a less-than-fantastic tool set, often pulling tools from across brands and measurement systems. Time spent searching for the right size or using an improperly fitted tool can cut into your workday, so it makes sense to invest in a quality mechanics tool set right from the start.

Take the guesswork out of reaching your hand into your toolbox. With up to 550 pieces included in a single set, you’ll never be left without the right sockets, wrench, drive tool, or screwdriver again.

Auto Body Complete Tool Set Options

If you’re just starting out or looking to build a complete tool set from the ground up, you probably want a set that includes around 100 pieces. Craftsman’s 115 Piece Universal Mechanics Tool Set is a popular choice when you want a top-quality tool kit that’s comprehensive enough to cover most of your jobs but still affordable. ChannelLock and Equalizer are some other brands that offer low-cost ways to build your tool set, offering multi-piece tool sets and both SAE and metric sizes.

When you’re looking to expand or upgrade your current mechanics tool set, you might want to think bigger. Craftsman’s 521 piece set is about as comprehensive as you can get – and because it’s part of the Craftsman line of products, you know the tools will stand up to regular use. And because Craftsman knows how particular tool tastes can be, they also offer varying sizes of around 200, 300, and 400 pieces.

Regardless of what size you need, you deserve a complete tool set. Do your job better, faster, and with the right equipment, and see for yourself what a difference it makes!