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Auto Body Toolmart Employee Runs Chicago Marathon

Auto Body Toolmart would like to congratulate Hector Mejia on completing the 2009 Chicago Marathon. Hector has been a part of the Auto Body Toolmart family for the past 22 years. Working in our California warehouse, Hector insures that our customers on the west coast have quick access to the tools and equipment needed to run a successful business.

For the past 2 decades Hector has formed a passion for running. Participating in 7 marathons, Hector has proven that no distance is too far if you just put your mind to it. “I use to be in horrible shape,” Hector exclaimed as he reminisced about all of the marathons he has participated in. He explains, “I never thought I would make it through that first marathon. But I’ve noticed the races have been getting easier and I’ve been getting faster.” Hector acknowledges he will probably never win one of these marathons. But he sure is going to try!!



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